Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Brent Cook - Top Picks

In less than a month, junior gold and silver mining companies continue to fall. GDXJ, a popular junior gold and silver mining ETF, is down a staggering 32%. Compare this to a 14% decrease in the price of gold for the same timeframe. For some it is now bargain hunting time in junior resource stocks - looking for gold nuggets in the rubble. 

In a recent interview on BNN, Brent Cook - a respected veteran geologist and junior resource stock newsletter writer - offers a few of his top picks and explains why he likes them.  To watch the 5 minute Top Picks video segment, click here.

One of Cook's top picks is Almaden Minerals (AAU), a prospect generator.
Almaden Minerals has "chances for a real home run out there in terms of a major discovery that someone buys. There are so few good sexy big systems and this is one of them." He is referring to Almaden's Ixtaca gold and silver project in Mexico. It was mentioned that Cook added to his position a little over $3.00. 
AAU closed today at $2.31. In full disclosure, I own AAU. Do your own due diligence.

The whole interview  is in 7 parts and well worth watching it in it's entirety. 

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